Vickar Pre-Owned Centre & Credit Solutions in Winnipeg Manitoba

The Vickar Pre-Owned Centre & Credit Solutions was formed with a mission to deliver quality pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices. Our business model is economy-of-scale, which basically means that we keep our overhead extremely low and therefore we can price vehicles with a reduced margin. This truly enables us to give you the absolute best price. We also understand the credit solutions business and can offer the best for people with little or no credit, new to the country, or poor past credit. Everyone has a story and we want to know yours, and then offer sound advice on how to best build your credit portfolio. Letís start talking today!aisals and digital imaging, to on-site car and truck rentals, to restoring your vehicle to factory specifications, and, finally, to the peace of mind of our lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

Vickar Pre-Owned Centre & Credit Solutions Staff

Anthony Cantin

General Manager

Craig Ouendag

Sales Professional

Dan Ingalls

Sales Professional

Darnell Palma

Sales Professional

Dorothy Cadorath

Sales Professional

Jacqueline Schendel

Finance Manager

Jaime Lynee

First Impression

Phu Ly

Special Finance